How to use Sanako Connect to deliver lessons using 3 leading language teaching methods

Some of the most common language teaching methods, including AudiolingualismCommunicative Language Teaching and Task-based language teaching, have been widely used for many years now. But how can they be delivered, or even improved, through the use of modern educational technologies?
The advent of digital language learning platforms such as Sanako Connect has clearly fundamentally changed the landscape. Teachers are now able to deliver great lessons to students anytime, anyplace and anywhere.

Using Sanako Connect to deliver Communicative Language Teaching (CLT)

This approach prioritise students’ production of speech in their L2 by stimulating conversation. The aim is simple: “to prepare students to be confident communicators in different real-life contexts, through repetitive oral practices and student-student cooperation.“

Connect facilitates live pair/group discussions in the classroom and remotely. This part of Connect’s core feature set and the system has been developed with professional language educators to make this easy to achieve.  Connect also enables teachers to share the exercise with all students so that they can listen back to their own recordings and identify areas for improvement. 


Using Sanako Connect to deliver Task-based language teaching (TBLT)

The focus of TBLT teaching techniques is concentrated on the completion of a detailed task which learners work through, typically in small groups or teams. Learners use their language skills to complete the task and work through three distinct phases – a pre-task, the task itself and post-task elements.

Connect is perfectly set up to help and support teachers when using TBLT methods in their classroom. Particularly as the vast majority of tasks usually involve some form of presentation to demonstrate learning and to provide opportunity for language production.

Connect now allows students to record themselves and their screens when delivering their talks. This allows for detailed self or peer evaluation as well as formal review by educators and wider faculty.


Using Connect to deliver Audiolingualism

 The audiolingualism prioritizes speaking skills and promotes a view of language as an oral form. It is characterized by its significant use of reinforcement and drilling.

Connect enables educators to easily deliver different types of online activity that are perfectly suited to the audiolingualism approach.
  1. Whole class speaking practice.
  2. Pronunciation practice.

When the students have completed the task, the teacher receives a detailed report highlighting their performance and access to all of the recordings. Teacher can provide the student with general feedback.



Whatever language you teach and whatever approach you use to teach it, Sanako’s market-leading tools include a wealth of unique features that help language educators teach languages more efficiently and more successfully. It’s why the world’s leading educational institutions choose Sanako as their preferred supplier to support online and in-person lesson delivery.
If you are interested in learning more about how Sanako products support language teachers and students and would like to see how they could benefit your institution, contact us to learn more!
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