A1: More dexterity, more possibilities


Have you at any point known about “robot dog”?  Isn’t it sound intriguing?

The newest quadruped robot, A1, is agile and fast one we’ve seen to date. This automated canine has front sensors that fill in as its eyes. A smart camera enables real-time video transmission, with many potential private and public uses for the robot. It is strong and fit for doing bounces and turns. It has an amazing engine and flexible appendages.

A1’s wide mobility allows it to carry out tasks: from material delivery tasks, through environmental inspection and security applications or within the framework of entertainment activities.

The robot also comes with a joystick, a charger, an emergency shutdown panel, and cables for connecting to a PC.

A1 could be your “future pet” and that they are “running with you to the future”.


If you’d like to find out more about A1, please contact us now to arrange a free demo.

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