A1 Robot dog in action




 The robot walks alongside its human master within sight of the human,which is much better than the conventional following mode. Besides, the human-machine interaction is both harmonious and safe. No need to worry about the robot since it's right beside you. Capable of helping robot choosing a better route in the complex environment.

“Digital Technology for Sustainable Society” (Digital Pops) exhibition

National Science Museum, July 4, 2022

The National Science Museum, in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education, set up an exhibition, “Digital Pops”, to promote the development and importance of digital technology to sustainable development of the country.

Chaiwat Thanakmanusorn, Minister of Digital Economy and society, said that, learning about digital technology is now necessary and is the cornerstone of the country, to drive the country with digital transformation. It is necessary for people to access and utilize digital technology appropriately, while moving forward to digital age steadily.

During the event, i-Edutech introduced A1, spot-like robot dog that can be used as a pet.

Introducing the A1
It has autonomous walking capabilities and recognizes the environment in which it is to avoid objects and can react quickly to unexpected events or obstacle. In fact, even when releasing it from a relative height, it manages to fall and stay upright.

There are different sensors and it has an integrated camera that allows you to transmit images to a smartphone. The same camera can also set a target to chase you wherever you go. A1 will start to follow you, its maximum speed is 11.8 km/h, at a lightened pace a human goes faster.

If you’d like to find out more about A1, please contact us now to arrange your FREE demo!

A1 in action

For visitors interested in seeing the exhibition "Digital Technology for Sustainable Society", visit the exhibition hall on the first floor of the Information Technology Museum. Khlong 5 Khlong Luang.

For more information, please visit www.nsm.or.th call 09.30-16.00, Saturday - Sunday and public holidays from 09.30 -17.00 hrs.

A1 at the exhibition
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