Learning Space for 21st Century Learners


Today's big trend in education is to convert teaching into experience that is much more student focused.

A key ingredient in any modern classroom is a space for learning through technology.

We can guide you design a space for your own unique setting.



By using a modern resources and platforms, the modern classroom can be adopted by all teachers.

We provide Interactive Solutions for your classrooms.



HyFlex Classroom

Upgrade new technology to accommodate various modes of teaching and learning for both local and remote students

Interactive Meeting Room

 Optimize meeting rooms, reducing cabin bookings, double booking, insufficient meeting room problems

Smart Classroom

 Equip your classroom with a variety of teaching and learning methods using technology.

Language Labs

 A modern room that is equipped with highly interactive and cost-effective language lab


Let's determine the layout of your room considering its size and shape of the room - the resources available - and the various teacher/student set-ups that will enable a variety of learning scenarios.



Huddle Space 

Turn a small and private space into a meeting area with a small team of office-based and remote participants.


Co-working Space

Thrive in coworking spaces to allow you to make a clear divide between work, class and leisure.


Student Service Center

We'll make sure that your information services desk and other common areas are equipped for providing various forms of information.


Innovation Classroom

 At innovation classroom, we curate the latest and greatest in education technology as a resource for all teachers and students.


Excellence Center

Shared facility that provides leadership, best practices, research, support and/or training for a focus area.


Cabin Crew Training Space

Apply workplace design strategies to the classroom for future adaptability


Learning centers or stations can be fun and dynamic. Create your centers or stations with a variety of themes and activities that are collaborative.



Modern Language Lab

 We'll help you design a room equipped with technology to support language learning and facilitate immersive experiences


e-lecture room

 Other than recording your lectures, we can more easily integrate interactive elements such as quizzes and annotation options.


Meeting Room & Conference Room

 Let's design a place to hold meetings and other collaborative brainstorming activities. And even bigger - a conference room.


Studio Room

 We'll provide a stylish design and well-equipped sound recording, mixing, and audio production according to your needs.


Digital Library

 We'll design a coherent organization space and convenient access to typically large amounts of digital information.


Fab Lab

 Play, create, learn, mentor, invent - transform your place for learning and innovation with the advanced technologies available


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We are passionate about helping you to create the conditions for lifelong learning.

Our insight-led solutions and settings inspire teachers and students to become engaged, active learners within and beyond the classroom.


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