We created a platform to bring the best out of human creativity



Introducing Mandala Data Analytics

We help you monitor social media platforms and the web for brand mentions, keywords, any topics, competitor's movement, trends, market, and industry insights.



Our Products: Social Media and Website Analytics

  • Monitoring and Listening

  • Trend Monitoring

  • On Demand Analytics Platform

  • Analytic Automations

  • Signaling

  • Data Visualization



Key Benefits:

  • Real Local Data. No assumptions

  • Fast and accurate

  • Won't let you overwhelm by big data

  • Less guesswork

  • Measurable results

  • Insights to your business success

  • Boost creativity and initiate innovations

  • Know your brand in the digital landscape

  • Cost effective research

  • Better strategies

  • Increase marketing, sales, and promotional outcomes

All you need is the REAL INSIGHTS


Use Mandala Analytics to help to turn data into insights

  • Monitor brand awareness 
  • Brand health monitoring
  • Track Brand mentions, including your competitors and partners
  • Identify new and upcoming brands
  • Access insights such as how their communication styles, their needs , their attitudes. Now you can communicate better while growing your brand

  • Use influencers to drive sales and reach the right audience with greater precision
  • Combining paid ads and using influencers could make your campaign more effective by targeting the preferred audience of your niche.
  • Mandala analytics helps to identify potential new influencers around the world as soon as they emerge


Mandala Analytics comes with a host of intelligent analytics and features to enhance your marketing and sales efforts.

The journey with us is an exciting one! Contact us today to learn more.



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