The challenges for language teachers

Any teaching job is hard work. Being a language teacher is one of the most difficult one. This blog summarizes some of the common challenges for language teachers.

1.       Keeping your students engaged, interested and motivated in learning

2.       Languages are complicated. It is essential that educators understand the grammatical structures that underpin all languages.

3.       Ensuring that all students stay on task and work in orderly manner

4.       Help students improve fluency in their target language

5.       Handling parents when teaching online

6.       Language educators set the course of the lesson, look after the students, deliver learning outcomes, and control learning environment.

7.       Teachers may be presented with a strict curriculum or schemes of work that they must follow and resources that they must use.

8.       Support and assistance. It’s vital that teachers have support and back-up when needed.

9.       Language teaching can be super stressful and it’s impossible to be in control of everything all of the time.


As a language teacher, it is hugely rewarding job that helps transform the lives of students. It can be a great way to experience new culture. It’s full of personal development opportunities and enables you to meet, teach, and learn from a wide range of people.


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