Go2 Edu 
New Creature of Embodied AI

Embodied Intelligence: AI+Robot

GPT empowers the new intelligent creature to better understand the world and make decisions



Keep improving and evolving to be smarter

Go2 boasts a variety of poses such as jumping, stretching, shaking hands, cheering, pouncing, and sitting down.
Equipped with 8,000mAh battery capacity and 28.8V to improve motor efficiency, power and stability.
A joint torque of 45N.m, an internal trace connecting technique, and heat pipe coolers to decrease temperature.

Go2: New and improved interactive bionic quadruped robot


Meet the Digital Robot Patrol

Cloud intelligent Patrol & Environmental Monitoring Robot


  • For surveillance of your suroundings
  • Measure dust, temperature, and heat using IoT and sensors
  • Face recognition
  • Records vehicle registration number
  • 360 degree video recording using AI cameras
  • Add different commands 
  • Indoor and outdoor use



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