Transform Business Skills with Proven Simulation and Assessment Technology
Provide immersive, hands-on learning experiences in a real-world environment – so you can measure and develop the essential skills tomorrow's business leaders need to succeed.

Teach business practically

 Allow your students to manage virtual companies in a selected industry.

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Improve teamwork
  • Train decision-making under time pressure
  • boost engagement and motivation to learn
  • Realistic business decisions in a selected industry

We offer Business Simulation Game industry that is of your interest:

Accounting Services
Operate one competitive market with colleagues from other teams. If you run an entrepreneurship course our games can be a great alternative to an ordinary lecture.
Boutique Hotel
Team’s task is to equip rooms with the right equipment, hire people, purchase resources and sell hotel services. Using simulations is a way of running business courses in a practical way. 
Car Service & Repair
The participants make decisions that every car repair shop owner meets every day. The educational games are great for training and introduction to entrepreneurship classes.
Digital Marketing Agency
The gameplay participants make a number of decisions that real business owners must face every day. The educational games are great as a tool to acquire entrepreneurial skills.
Make decisions that are made by the owners of restaurants operating in reality. The games are a great alternative to theoretical training and classes in entrepreneurship.
Travel Agency
Play the role of a co-owner of a travel agency and make real business decisions in conducting a very practical classes. The emphasize is to understand business principles.
...and more

An innovative tool for learning how to run a business that allows you to make realistic business decisions affecting the development of your virtual company in the selected industry.



Our web-based business simulations provide an immersive, real-world, and risk-free environment for learners to put theory into practice.


Create Meaningful Learning Experiences with Business Simulations

  • Boost Engagement
  • Deepen Learning
  • Real-World Transfer


Bring Business Strategy to Life

  • Give students hands-on experience making strategic decisions across the core functions of a business in an immersive environment.
  • Students have a risk-free environment to apply concepts, test new ideas, and gain quality feedback as they compete (individually or in teams) to grow their business in a dynamic market.
  • Across our suite of business simulations, performance feedback is provided in various formats to meet the unique needs of instructors.


Prepare your students for career success.


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